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Gregg Wooding

In 2003, Gregg Wooding founded I AM PR, a God-centered, full-service public relations boutique firm launched to serve people of faith. Nestled in the Dallas metroplex, the firm eventually began offering literary agency services through which the career of best-selling author Wayne Thomas Batson was launched in 2005.

Over the last fifteen years, I AM PR has promoted good news stories that positively change the way we see the world, and the way the world sees our God. In simplest terms, I AM PR offers news and information you can believe in. In this media-saturated society, its campaigns have strategically turned ministries, non-profits, and for-profit company's testimonies into important news stories, best-selling books, and powerful events.

Before launching I AM PR, Wooding served as public relations account executive for Bishop T.D. Jakes and Rev. Billy Graham during his tenure at one of the country’s most prestigious firms.   Wooding then served as PR Director at Josh McDowell Ministry, where he was responsible for day- to-day PR decisions for McDowell including the launch of his popular apologetics message, Beyond Belief to Convictions.  McDowell and Wooding were reunited to release The Da Vinci Quest in 2007 and Evidence for the Resurrection in 2009.

Prior to carving his niche in Christian PR, Wooding promoted original movies and series starring some of Hollywood 's best and brightest celebrities for cable television's The Family Channel network.  Wooding began his career on the French Riviera, where he worked for RWI and Market-to-Market—public relations firms catering to film and television clients on location at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

I AM PR believes that good news stories positively change the way we see the world, and inversely, the way the world sees our God.


Epiphany Media

Epiphany Media, a PR consultancy working to inform, inspire and influence people of faith. Primary areas of concentration are Animal Advocacy; Faith-Based Travel; Inter-Faith Relations; Social Justice and Creation Care.


EmPowerCom.Us’s principal executive Lynn Wilford Scarborough is a CBA author (Talk Like Jesus and Spiritual Moms)  who is well known in the television news industry as a pioneer of media training and communications coaching. Clients depend on her insights, cutting edge critiques, research based approach, creative energy and strategic business acumen that consistently provide immediate and long-term results. Her sessions impart insider secrets and techniques used by professional broadcasters that set them apart in a highly competitive industry.


Freelantz Media’s principal, veteran communicator Marcia Davis-Seale, wields a powerful punch in the journalism and media/public relations arenas, working every side of the media desk.  Her thought-provoking stories on major social, political, and faith issues of the day headline every tier of print, broadcast and internet media. Since 2001, Freelantz Media has provided a clear and credible voice to a select group of  referred clients.

Strategic Partners


It’s been said that 99 percent of what happens is not covered in the news.  If I were a betting man, I would say the one percent has figured out something special: Public relations matters. PT. Barnum, often considered the father of public relations, may have said it best:

Without promotion something terrible happens...


I AM PR 101:


Your story strategically framed in the context of relevant, up-to-the-minute news headlines to inspire hope, to affect change, and to report truth


Objectively written or spoken praise (or criticism) released to the public by a media outlet


Events and creative campaigns designed to highlight important messages, products and services that help clients cut through the marketplace noise


Compelling facts, quotes and fine details poetically massaged for rapid-fire delivery to hook busy, skeptical-minded journalists


Choosing the right words to convey a client’s spirit, mission and message. Press releases, bios, excerpts, ad copy for and interview questions are but a few common tools of the trade.

Literary Agency

A bridge for best-selling to first-time authors who desire help in writing book proposals, negotiating contracts, and leveraging relationships to open doors to publication

Why PR
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