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Author's F5 Tornado Experience Inspires New Book, "Make Time for Joy"

Best-Selling Author Linda Shepherd Evan's Scripture-Powered Prayers Brighten Darkest Days of Grief, Loss and Depression Linda Evans Shepherd, an award-winning author and award-winning Evangelical Press writer, hit a Category F5 tornado on Colorado’s I-25 when it plopped in front of her car. She says, “The whole world disappeared as the atmospheric pressure plummeted and thundering slush tried to shatter my windows, that is until I drove into the twister’s hollow.

"There I found peace inside the storm," Linda says. “Hitting that Colorado tornado was nothing compared to the accident I’d had twenty years earlier in Texas,

. The crash tossed my 18-month-old baby and her car seat into the freeway. With God’s help, I found peace in that storm too.

“I think life is full of tornados including the devastating tornadoes of grief, loss, depression, bitterness, and anxiety, but as I learned in both the Colorado twister, as well as the minivan accident which put my baby into a coma for an entire year, you can find God in the center of every storm once you learn how to trust Him.”

Linda’s book, Make Time for Joy, teaches readers how to use the power of Scripture to trust God as well as how to pray their way back to joy.

About the Author

Linda Evans Shepherd is both an award-winning author and award-winning Evangelical Press writer, as well

as an award-winning publisher of Leading Hearts Magazine. She is a YouTuber and former TV host, the president of Right to the Heart Ministries, and the leader of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. She is the author of 38 books, including Prayers for Every Need, and Praying God's Promises. For more info, visit her at

Watch Linda’s two-minute video package:

Suggested Interview Questions for Linda Evans Shepherd

1. You’ve tangled with both tornados as well as tragedy, and now say that tornados and difficulties have a lot in common. What do you mean by that?

2. It’s been said, “What use is a Christian who has no joy?” Expound on that!

3. But how does a Christian get joy when they face difficult circumstances? How did you do it?

4. How did George Muller, the famous orphanage director from Bristol England in the 1800’s, use joy to strengthen his faith?

5. Tell us about the terror you felt flying in a small plane over the Texas coastline? How did you change your fear to joy? (Is joy really a choice?)

6. What power does Scripture prayers have when it comes to our joy? How do you use Scripture in Make Time for Joy?

7. What is the best thing to pray to go from heartache to joy?

8. In your prayer ‘Problems into Miracles’ you pray, “Knowing You and Your love is greater than a payday. Knowing that You can turn my problems into blessings is a stunning bonus.”

Give us an example of how God can turn a problem into a blessing.

9. Can God’s power help us to grow a heart of joy? How?

10. Please let us know where our listeners/readers can get a copy of the book.


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