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Identical 'Twin Factor' Reality Stars Gear Up for Fourth Season



Popular outdoor reality show featuring Chad and James Hampton gives hunting, exploring and overcoming wild challenges eternal significance

NORTH BRANCH, Mich. -- Sitting in his tree stand in 2005, Twin Factor reality star James Hampton caught a vision from God that changed his and his identical twin-brother Chad's life forever.

After audibly asking "Lord, what do you have planned for my life?" James said God impressed on his heart words only pastors on a hunt for adventure could understand.

"I want you to hunt Me like you hunt these animals, and I want you to teach other people how to hunt Me and My plan for their lives," James recalls God saying to him that fall evening.

Immediately, he wrote down the blueprint for what became the Hampton brothers' "Huntin' The Truth Ministries" -- a nonprofit ministry to "create and restore relationships with Jesus Christ through hunting and the outdoors."

Eventually, the ministry grew to eight chapters in local churches throughout Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and New York, to evangelize physically challenged men, women, and youth through deer, turkey and pheasant hunts, as well as fishing tournaments. Then in 2008, they published a book, titled "Secrets of the Hunt," based on the scripture Psalm 14:2; the companion Bible study is due for release later this year.

"Huntin' The Truth has seen God touch the lives of many people in the community through these events and the relationships that have been built," said Chad and James.

Then in 2015, the Hampton Brothers birthed Twin Factor, their popular half-hour outdoor adventure and travel reality show, described as "Duck Dynasty mixed with Swamp People and a dash of Property Brothers just for garnish." The show, now in its fourth season, originally aired on the Pursuit Channel TV Network on Dish and Direct TV.

In each episode, film crews capture the brothers' humorous tag-team approach as they travel across the country discovering new hunting excursions to engage children from fatherless homes -- while still managing to get into each other’s heads for brotherly competition.

"Basically, it's a behind-the-scenes look into our lives and minds as we raise our families and attempt to be 'the factor' in every aspect of our daily lives, including family, business and ministry," they said.

In conclusion, Chad and James said, “Everyone is hunting for something in life, we want people to see that hunting God is the only hunt that will give their lives eternal meaning and lasting fulfillment."

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Chad and James Hampton, co-founders of Huntin' The Truth Ministries and co-hosts of the Twin Factor outdoor reality show, are as unique a set of characters as you would expect twin God-hunters to be. They are fun-loving, mildly mischievous, and dedicated guys that have almost as much fun messing with each other as they do hunting. They love to throw themselves into the action and are always trying to meet new people and share new experiences with different communities. They offer a genuine heart and soul to this show that creates that “feel good” vibe, whether pranking each other, having a family meal, or enjoying another fun-filled adventure with vulnerable young people.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • What is it like to work alongside your brother in the hit reality TV program, Twin Factor?

  • Tell us about what viewers will find in each episode of Twin Factor,

  • Where did you get your love for hunting and your passion for God?

  • How and why did you create your ministry "Huntin The Truth? What is the mission and who do you serve?

  • What is the best prank you have pulled on your brother?

  • What do you mean "Hunting God is the only thing that will give life eternal meaning?

  • What is the best way to keep up with Twin Factor, and 'Huntin the Truth' on social media and online?

  • What is the message of your book "Secrets of the Hunt?"



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