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Veteran Author's Timely New Book Unveils Secret to Growing a Peaceful Heart during Tumultuous Times


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Author Karen Whiting releases thirty weeks of encouraging devotional stories

from historic, biblical, and contemporary peacemakers

During tumultuous times like these, if you want to be a peacemaker to calm people down, lessen squabbles, or impact your community, veteran author Karen Whiting ( uncovers how peacemakers in history and in the Bible brought peace.

In her new book, Growing a Peaceful Heart: Devotions of Faith, Encouragement, and Forgiveness from

Peacemakers Past, Present, and Future, Whiting shares 30 days of devotions and stories chronicling how she

found peace while raising five children in military life through major hurricanes that caused serious damage, four lightning strikes, 2 spontaneous combustible fires, an earthquake, hail storm, and other natural disasters as well as the loss of her husband to breast cancer.

"In all seasons, we face struggles and busyness yet treasure the joys of hugs, unexpected loving actions, and surprising words," says Whiting, who partners with co-author Sara DuBose in Growing a Peaceful Heart.

"Inner peace helps us be patient, more loving, and allows us to rest easier, in spite of challenges and struggles," says Whiting. "Relational peace promotes harmony at home, work, and in social settings, and being a peacemaker blesses those around you," she encourages.

About the Author

Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former television host, and award-winning author of more than thirty books for women, children, families, and the military. She has a heart to help families thrive and build strong, wholesome bonds.

As a Coast Guard wife, Karen lived in many states, almost always near the water. She personally experienced the trauma of natural disasters in various homes that include category four hurricanes, lightning strikes, an earthquake, derecho, and spontaneous combustible fires. She is a widow, mother of five, including two rocket scientists (yes, for real) and a grandmother.

She enjoys adventure and has ridden a camel in the Canary Islands; white water rafted in Australia; ridden horseback in the ocean in Jamaica; and enjoyed scuba diving off the coast of Bermuda. She’s spoken in such faraway places as Russia and Malaysia. She loves Zumba, baking, and creating new crafts.

Talking points/questions

  • Individuals and families face struggles and challenges every day, but they can still remain calm and have inner peace. How have you been able to be at peace when the unexpected happens or someone disrupts life?

  • It helps to have support. Where can we find support and help in hard times?

  • Who are some of the historic peacemakers you shared about in the book and what can we learn from them?

  • It’s hard to have peace in the midst of grief. Your husband died from breast cancer. What are some of the ways you maintained inner peace during such a hard journey

  • We often try to control our lives but that’s not God’s plan. Why should we let go or anger, pain, and control and how can we do that?

  • When we don’t have peace it’s hard to even sleep or rest well. Take us through a sleepless night you experienced.

  • There’s never too much kindness in the world. How does kindness foster peace?

  • In times of inflation, financial woes, hardships, and divisions in politics and morality, how can we be peacemakers and be respectful but hold onto biblical values?

  • How do we make peace with the past or peace when God allowed something devastating to happen?

  • What are some steps or actions we can take to resolve conflicts and regain peace?

  • How does gratitude help us maintain peace and live above our circumstances?

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