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New Britt Mooney Book Challenges Readers: "When God Gives You a Dream, Say "YES!"

Press Release/NRB 2022

Award-Winner Britt Mooney's New Book "Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flight" -- with Foreword by Comedian Jeff Foxworthy -- Inspires Readers to Follow Dreams God Has for You.

(Suwanee, Ga) -- Sometimes believers are struck with inspiring ideas, but often shy away from saying yes to God’s call. What He is asking us to do looks dangerous. It looks difficult. People will think we’re crazy. It will cost us. We could fail. Why even bother trying? God often asks us to do the impossible because, for Him, all things are possible. God is calling us . . . calling you into His story. He’s asking you to trust that He is responsible for all the consequences of your obedience.

"Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flight" is the epic story of a broken man, award-winning Author Britt Mooney, who, when rescued by God, dared to say yes. The story of how God led a group of pastors to do church, business, and missions together for the good of others. This is the story of Phoenix Roasters and what God did.

Will you let their story of trust inspire you? Will you trust God with the consequences of your yes? With miraculous stories and practical steps, learn how Business as Mission impacts the world for the Gospel. When God gives you a dream, say YES!

From author BRITT MOONEY, be inspired and learn practical steps to find and follow the dreams God has for you. About the Author: Britt Mooney was a missionary in the Republic of Korea, has traveled the world, and pastors the Phoenix Community of Suwanee while working in marketing and communications with Phoenix Roasters.

Britt, his amazing wife, and three great kids live on adventure with God in Suwanee, Georgia.

For information, visit

Media Note: For interviews during the National Religious Broadcasters event in Nashville, TN, interested media should contact Gregg Wooding of I AM PR, 972-567-7660/

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Award-Winning Author Britt Mooney


Great stories change the world. And God is in the business of inviting us into great stories!

In the 2nd grade, Britt Mooney got a perfect score on a spelling test, so he didn’t have to retest on Friday. Being a mischievous, energetic kid, he sat there with nothing to do while the rest of the class took the test, and he started to get in trouble until the teacher said, “Hey, why don’t you write me a story?” He thought that was the best idea he ever heard. He’s been living and writing great stories ever since.

Britt has been a middle school teacher in the US and a missionary to The Republic of Korea through Network of International Christian Schools. He ran a Hospitality House through Cadence International while on the field. He’s led mission trips and discipled people through Christian community over the past twenty years.

Britt's podcast, Kingdom Over Coffee, tackles everyday issues in life and the church with the reality of the Kingdom of God. Mooney now works with Phoenix Roasters and is a church planting pastor with the Phoenix Community of Atlanta.

He lives in Suwanee with his wife Becca, three amazingly talented kids, and a precocious dog.

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Your Interview with Award-Winning Author Britt Mooney

Suggested Interview Questions

Possible topics, areas of expertise:

Business as Mission

Dreaming with God


Discipleship / Mentorship

Suggested Questions:

1. Why is Business as Mission the next revolution in church planting and ministry?

2. How is Phoenix Roasters preaching the gospel through excellent coffee?

3. Why is saying “yes” to God the key to a fulfilling life?

4. How do we dream with God?

5. How do we tell our God story in 3 words?

6. How do we learn to better hear the voice of God?

7. Why is discipleship and mentorship necessary to grow in Christ?

8. How do you find Britt Mooney on social media?

"Say Yes!" Endorsements

“The Phoenix story is a kingdom playground where God’s creative children play together and in the process create eternal things. This inspiring book is filled with the personal adventures of people courageous enough to say ‘yes’ to God’s call. A treasure trove of practical ministry wisdom.” - Robert (Bob) Lupton, author of Toxic Charity and founder of FCS Urban Ministries Atlanta

“Peter stepped out of the boat onto the water because Jesus said, ‘Come!’ This is a powerful story of answering the call when Jesus says, ‘Come!’ Brian and his team live out what they talk about in this book as they serve the least in our city, providing hope and dignity through their love and coffee. Their example has not only impacted many of those we get the privilege to serve but also me personally because of their love and care. May God inspire you for the God-sized dreams he has for you.” - James H. Reese, president/CEO Atlanta Mission (serving men, women, and families dealing with homelessness)

Under Brian’s dedicated and passionate leadership. Phoenix exemplifies the New Testament model of church and evangelism forged by the Apostles of Jesus Christ.” - Stewart Cink, PGA golfer

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