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Award-Winning Author Reveals "Prayer Secrets" Discovered During Daughter's Car Crash

Press Release/NRB 2022

Linda Evans Shepherd's "Prayers for Every Need" Leads Audiences from Difficulty to Vibrant Joy

(Longmont, Colo.) -- Linda Evans Shepherd, a national leader and best-selling prayer author of 37 books, is a woman who has not only survived life’s toughest wringers; she helps audiences find vibrant joy no matter their difficulties.

Linda’s teaching allows her audiences to see how the power of prayer can transform their emotional lives and be released into their purpose. She is well known for combining biblical wisdom and powerful storytelling to create a truth-injected atmosphere of rolling laughter.

“I love using stories as illustrations. I craft my presentations to be dynamic and interactive to lead audiences into transformative, life-changing prayer experiences with God," says Linda.

Linda’s passion for prayer began in childhood. She wanted to talk to God but didn’t know how to connect to Him. Years later, Linda became a self-proclaimed prayer detective when her daughter was injured in a car crash. Linda was determined to do all she could to reach out to God on behalf of her child.

“I learned to trust God on a deeper level as I’ve learned to see His heart for me, even in my difficult circumstances.” The prayer secrets Linda discovered fuel her messages of hope and healing.

Linda captivates her audiences with her peace, humor, and effervescent joy. Linda’s audiences receive grounded biblical teaching and hope — exchanging worry, despair, and stress as they flow into God’s love. Many report a loss of worry lines and the world’s weight as they experience the fullness of God’s peace.

For information about the ministry of Linda Evans Shepherd, visit:

Media Note: For interviews during the National Religious Broadcasters event in Nashville, TN, interested media should contact Gregg Wooding of I AM PR, 972-567-7660/

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Award-Winning Author and Speaker Linda Evans Shepherd


Linda Evans Shepherd is a woman who loves to say “Yes!” to God, who first surprised her with the assignment to write a book -- though her daughter was just out of coma and she still had a baby on her hip. That was 35 books ago, with her bestselling novels and prayer books receiving acclaim with multiple awards including Selah, EIA, Carol, and Christian Literary awards. Her writing continues with her latest book, Prayer for Every Need.

In her ‘mommy’ days, God surprised her again with a call to unite the Christian women authors into an online group, now called the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).The goal of these 800 women communicators is still, twenty years later, to encourage, train and love one another as they reach a hurting world. AWSA sponsors a yearly conference along with the Golden Scroll and the Christian Market Book Awards.

Today, God called Linda to say yes to new opportunities by birthing in her the Arise Esther Movement, the upcoming Arise Esther Virtual Conference, and Arise U; all places where the women of the church can gather online to receive the training they need to fulfill God’s call in their own lives. Linda also publishes the multiple EPA award-winning Leading Hearts Magazine, as well as Arise Daily, a daily e-devotional written by the members of AWSA.

She has written numerous books, including the best-selling Praying Through Every Emotion, When You Don’t Know What to Pray, Praying God’s Promises, and When You Need to Move a Mountain. Her prayer books have sold over a quarter of a million copies and frequently achieve the number one position on Amazon.

Linda is also a novelist, an internationally recognized speaker, and has spoken in Canada and throughout the United States and Europe. She’s shared the platform with notable speakers like Philip Yancy, Carol Kent, Patsy Clairmont, Lysa Terkurst, Chonda Pierce, Dr. Charles Stanley, Michael W. Smith, and Stormy Omartian.

Linda loves spending time with friends and family, is married to Paul and is the mother of two.

Learn more about Linda, her ministry and books at

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Lord, your Word has told us, “God our Father loved us and by his kindness gave us everlasting encouragement and good hope. Together with our Lord Jesus Christ, may he encourage and strengthen you to do and say everything that is good”
(2 Thess. 2:16–17).
Lord, I claim your promise that you are God my Father, and through your kindness, you give me everlasting encouragement and hope. May Jesus himself encourage and strengthen me to do and say everything that is good.
In Jesus’s name.

Suggested Interview Questions

for Linda Evans Shepherd

1. I understand this book took over a decade to write, do you really write that slow or is there a story?

2. What was it like for you when you were compiling the prayers for Prayers for Every Need from the pages of your 12 books on prayer?

3. What happened in your own life that prompted you to write a book on prayer?

4. How does God use our needs to draw us closer to Himself?

5. What happens when we focus on our needs more than we focus on God?

6. Which of these prayers do you find yourself praying most often?

7. As you pray through these prayers, some hit you with a deeper impact. Can you explain why these ‘wow-moments’ happen?

8. Like the rest of us, you’ve also experienced loss in your life, can you share with us the prayer for Finding Strength in Loss (p.83)?

9. You also have a powerful prayer named Called to Live (p.81). Can you share that one with us and why you think it will help hurting people?

10. How does giving our needs to God help us experience His peace?

11. What is your hope for readers of the book? How do you want this to impact people who pick it up?

12. Please let us know where our listeners/readers can get a copy of the book.

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