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Inspirational New Book Shines Light on God’s Power to Transform Tragedy into Victory

'Now I See’ by Visually Impaired Author Janet Perez Eckles Releases April 25

ORLANDO, Fla. - Roughly every 11 minutes someone commits suicide. Life simply becomes too much, driving anxiety and depression to alarming heights. Janet Perez Eckles’ paralyzing despair could have made her yet another statistic. After all, how do you face the murder of your own child?

In her new memoir Now I See: How God’s Amazing Grace Transforms Betrayal, Blindness and Heartache to Shining Joy, Janet shares her riveting life story to illustrate how God met her sorrow with His grace.

“Being completely blind does not prevent me from experiencing the joy of traveling across the globe to inspire audiences to overcome their own adversity,” said Eckles.

“This captivating journey from tragedy to triumph through perseverance and deep faith in God will stir your heart and transform how you navigate life’s trials. Unthinkable challenges and unexpected adversities,” said Jason Noble, pastor and motivational speaker featured in the Twentieth Century Fox film Breakthrough and on the marketing team for the Kingdom Story film Jesus Revolution.

In addition to being featured on the cover of Hispanic Woman Magazine, her story appeared on Fox 35 News affiliates, the Spanish sister network of Good Morning America, the 700 Club, Focus on the Family, Univision, and Telemundo networks, along with regional, national, and international radio and television outlets.

During an interview with Janet, audiences will discover:

  • How do you go on after the murder of your child?

  • How do you forgive the man who killed your son?

  • How do you rise-above drastic changes such as blindness?

  • How do you begin again after infidelity and a broken marriage?

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Media interested in interviews with Janet Perez Eckles should contact Gregg Wooding of I AM PR at 972-567-7660 / For additional information, review Janet’s press kit:


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